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Ocean Acidification

Acid eats away at calcium carbonate, the primary ingredient of shells and skeletons that many ocean animals depend on for survival. The shell pictured here is a victim of this ...

OTT: An in situ system for combined pH and alkalin...

In situ sensors are being deployed at Hog Reef in Bermuda by scientists from Scripps Inst. of Oceanography and the University of Montana. The sensors measure alkalinity, a parameter that ...

Underwater Gliders

Gliders are a unique and important observing system used to serve a variety of subsurface observing missions. Gliders can monitor water currents, temperature, tagged animals and conditions that reveal effects ...


Biden-Harris Administration invests $16.7 million ...

Sea bass look for food among the schools of smaller fish in this healthy coral reef. Marine biodiversity data and information is critical for understanding the health and status of ...

Puget Sound Awareness Day

Photo Credit: LCDR Gary Barone, NOAA Corps (ret.) Jan Newton joined other scientists from five member institutions UW, WA Dept. of Ecology, WA Dept. of Health, King County, and NOAA ...

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Enhancing Coastal and Ocean Observing and Innovati...

In 2020, NOAA’s and the U.S. IOOS Office teamed up to develop and host three regional workshops focused on improving users’ access to streamlined ocean, coasts, and Great Lakes observational ...
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