The Gulf of Mexico Coastal Ocean Observing System (GCOOS) is the regional association for the Gulf of Mexico observing network, part of the U.S. Integrated Ocean Observation System (IOOS). GCOOS is developing as a sustained ocean observing system that provides data, information, and products on marine and estuarine systems to a wide range of users.

The GCOOS Regional Association is responsible for developing a network of business leaders, marine scientists, resource managers, non-governmental organizations and other stakeholder groups that combine their data to provide timely information about our oceans.

Contact Information: Dr. Barbara Kirkpatrick, Executive Director, barb.kirkpatrick@gcoos.org

GCOOS Data Portal

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About the Gulf of Mexico Region

GCOOS, which includes members from Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida, seeks to establish a sustained observing system for the Gulf of Mexico to provide observations and products needed by users in this region.

Activities that GCOOS undertakes are as follows:

  • Maintain and strengthen the GCOOS-RA through the continuation of organizational activities to manage the development of the GCOOS.
  • Continue to build the observing system through the integration of existing observations; provision of operation and maintenance support for existing non-federal observing and monitoring systems; and provision of support for non-federal systems that derive products needed by users from satellite data.
  • Improve the Data Management and Communications system by establishing and expanding the capabilities of the GCOOS Data and Products Portal.
  • Support regional modeling capacity through providing in situ and remotely-sensed data to meet the needs of the modeling community.
  • Enhance the integrated outreach and education activities of the GCOOS-RA through activities of the Outreach and Education manager and Outreach and Education Council.