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Ocean Enterprise Studies

Why this study? The Ocean Enterprise business cluster comprises New Blue Economy businesses that support ocean measurement, observation and forecasting. These businesses supply technology to generate ocean data or work ...


Biden-Harris Administration invests $3.9 million f...

VAST Josh Keller unties 1084 from the tow line in Lake Michigan to deploy it for the 2023 USGS Great Lakes Fisheries survey. Photo Credit: Saildrone Today, the Department of ...

General Pages

Benefits of Ocean Observing Catalog

WP1 Community EngagementTo be an effective tool, BOOC will need the support of all parts of the ocean observing community. This Work Package will build on the work already undertaken ...

NOAA and the Ocean Enterprise

Your form has been successfully submitted. Thank you!MORE INFORMATIONEmail*I am interested in finding out more about:*Reviewing Accelerator NOFOapplicationsParticipating as an OceanEnterprise Study 2025 businessProviding an example for howyou use ocean ...
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