Beach exploration

  • SECOORA is dedicated to training the next generation of ocean experts.  Check back to this page to see what opportunities are available throughout the year. 
  • Sea Grant provides a variety of funding opportunities based on its work in four focus areas: Healthy Coastal Ecosystems, Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture, Resilient Coastal Communities and Economies, and Environmental Literacy and Workforce Development. Funding opportunities include National Strategic Investments, Special Projects, focused opportunities through each of the 34 Sea Grant programs, and more. 
  • MBARI's EARTH program offers annual workshop opportunities for educators, scientists, and engineers to work together to develop effective educational practices for access and use of near-real-time data in classrooms and informal education settings. Since 2006, MBARI has partnered with a variety of organizations across the country to host the EARTH workshop, bringing diverse science content and perspectives to the workshops.