Below are links to upcoming meetings and webinars, as well as grants, funding, job and internship opportunities, as listed in the Eyes on the Ocean™ IOOS Newsletter.

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Upcoming Meetings (Bolded meetings have direct IOOS involvement):

 Please check links as we move forward as things may change quickly for planned events. 

  • Nov 8 - 10: IOOS Association Fall Meeting


  • SERIES: Marine Technology Society - Dialogues with Industry
    • October 13: Dialogue 2 Multi-sectoral ocean architecture: Integrating new observing networks and business models
    • November 9: Dialogue 3 User driven ocean information services: Core and downstream services
    • December 9: Dialogue 4 Looking ahead: New technology for the Ocean Decade
  • SERIES: BlueTech Global Connect
    • October 20: Supporting a Targeted, Responsible, and Sustainable Blue Workforce
    • December 15: Engineering and an Open Mind: Highlighting BlueTech

Grants and Funding Opportunities:

Job & Internship Opportunities: