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close up view of the Aqusens sensor, a small black box with a clear attachment, sitting on a blue table with the line "Aqusens: the future of micro-object characterization" across the top.

Photo credit: Lucendi, Inc.

This project aims to compare and validate a new low-cost digital holography based cell imaging platform (Aqusens) against the Imaging Flow CytoBot (IFCB) towards increasing capacity building for harmful algal bloom (HAB) cell detection within the context of routine monitoring and targeted deployments. This project aims to assess direct performance comparison between the Aqusens and IFCB through three objectives:

  1. Laboratory experiments with a variety of cultured HAB and non-HAB species to provide foundational platform comparisons.
  2. Deployments throughout the year at the Santa Cruz Wharf monitoring site to test performance during varied conditions (e.g. algal blooms, upwelling).
  3. In underway cruise operations aboard established USGS transects in San Francisco Bay targeting seasonal (3 cruises across winter, spring, autumn), and within season (3 cruises across June, July, August) succession of phytoplankton populations.


  • Year 1: $272,888
  • Year 2: $175,274
  • Year 3: $188,881
  • Total: $630,043

Moss Landing Marine Laboratories/San Jose State University Research Foundation, University of California Santa Cruz, Lucendi, Inc., Central and Northern California Ocean Observing System (CeNCOOS), Southern California Coastal Observing System (SCCOOS)


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