All IOOS data providers are expected to ensure relevant metadata is produced, accessible and compliant with IOOS conventions, and to participate as appropriate in the development of such conventions.  Descriptive information about datasets, sensors, platforms, models, analysis methods, quality-control procedures is essential for the long-term usability and reuse of information. 


IOOS data providers must provide metadata in one of:

In general, IOOS partners should follow the guidelines in the NOAA Data Documentation Procedural Directive.  IOOS data providers are expected to create metadata records that can be harvested for the IOOS Catalog.  

Standards, Formats and Protocols:

Implementation Methods/Practices:

Automating ISO Metadata Generation for the IOOS Catalog

Refer to the ‘Metadata Generation’ section of the Catalog Registration page for software to use to automate the creation of ISO metadata suitable for harvest by the IOOS Catalog. Properly attributed datasets in THREDDS or sensors described by SensorML can be automatically converted to ISO XML by community software.


Software for checking metadata compliance can be run from the command line or at the Compliance Checker Website.





Training on ISO metadata is available here .



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